Today 8th of March, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, we would like to show all of our support to all women around the world, no matter neither origin nor race. Even if we live in the 21st century, our society is still unequal and we can feel it in many aspects of the daily life.

Along this day, many demonstrations will take place around the national and international geography. However, women have been fighting for their right for centuries. ¿Why is 8th of March the chosen day?

We would like to underline two moments in history:

The most precise explanation goes back to the industrial revolution: the 8th of March, 1857, a group of textile women-workers went out to the New York streets in order to protest for the miserable conditions they were working at their jobs. This became one of the very first demonstrations in which women went to the streets of an iconic city to fight for their rights.

The next chapter in which women fought for equality took place the 25th of March, 1911, when the Shirtwaist factory of New York burned down; a total of 125 women and 23 men died.

From that moment on, thanks to the strength women are characterized by and the diverse demonstrations such as the one today is taking place, women’s role in society has changed considerably. Many women can be found nowadays in sectors such as science or business… Indeed, nowadays there exist more women with superior studies than men do. Nevertheless, we cannot give up fighting for women having same rights as men. For this and furthermore, AM CARGO shares the feminist feeling that is so necessary to claim.

No matter what origin is …… no matter what race is … AM CARGO is by women’s side!

¡Siempre Around The World!

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